Our Proven Process

Basic, Yet Sophisticated – No Shock

At That Basic Chic, the key to success is knowing at the onset that every client is beautifully unique. Our mission is to listen and learn to pick up on important cues to support clients as they take steps to curate a dream life.

With deep experience in strategy and tactical goal achievement, we are able to step our clients through buildable wins and exceptional traction.

No matter your goals; In-Real-Life or Online, We Can Help!

  • Image Update for Hair or Makeup
  • Wardrobe Styling and Optimization
  • Brand Shoot Planning & Consulting
  • Online Amplification Planning and Execution

This Is How We Do It:

Pick Up The Phone – It is that simple. The moment you choose to stop talking about it and TAKE ACTION, is the moment you break through the frustration of your untapped potential.

Time Is Our Love Language – We know that time is one thing you can never get back, so we will take the investment of your time and multiply it and collaborate to DETERMINE GOALS. This 30-minute strategy session is FREE.

Your Brand Deserves Thoughtful Attention – Getting to your goals requires RESEARCH and PLANNING.

We are here to not only support you as you become more of yourself, but also to create a strategic plan to share your brand and achieve pieces of your dream you can live from the first moments we work together. To do that, we will develop and custom plan, collaborate with you to refine it, and walk through actionable steps to get you into the life you want to be living.

Celebrate Success – Our proven process creates results that quickly flip your life into new success stages. These incremental changes require support and lots of celebration. Coaching you through is some of our most important and rewarding work. We know our clients can execute the steps on their own, but we also know from experience your odds of success are better with coaching and support.

For the days you feel like giving up…
For the days you are overwhelmed…
For the days you need the help.

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  1. I just like to wish you both the Best,,we not going to worry what other people think or say.God love’s both of you .


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