2016 Makeup Favorites

So I am a little late for my 2016 recap. I know! Humor me.

That Basic Chic

You have been asking and I want to share the best of the best for 2016! Ready, set….

Skincare is it’s own animal, so I will spare you other than to say, “spend more time on your skin”…love yourself – under your makeup. It will be a heck of a lot more gorgeous than anything you can pack on top! I will leave that there.

Past that, I will warn you, no matter your age, moisturize yourself – starting with your face. Wrinkles are no joke. I tell you that from experience! I really love Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer and feel it is equally as good under makeup as it is as a nightly moisture balm. My skin is fickle, but I never had problems with Aveeno Moisturizers. They are a touch spendy, but nothing like private select labels. Start here.

I would be negligent if I did not also provide some light on a great primer. NYX Angel Veil is my favorite all-around primer. It is like 409 – multi purposed. This does some smoothing, keeps makeup in tact, and creates a nice smooth foundation and limits spotty, streaky makeup. I find that this really creates a nice barrier between my face and all of the fun minerals and chemicals I put on top of it. Despite all of the high end primers I use, I just keep coming back to this gem!

Foundation – the most asked question by my clients and followers. Here is my pick for my skin. I remind you, foundation, like any other makeup is person and depends on your skin type, your skin sensitivities, and your desired outcome. I like a little glow, so I love L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow (I like the matte version too, depends on the day). This is my go-to, mostly because it does very little oxidizing and stays true to me all day…a very long day.

After I get a solid base down, I love using Tarte Shape Tape to highlight and conceal. This double down concealer is the talk, and has been since it’s release. If you can find it just go ahead and snatch it up. I keep a backup on hand. I am in that deep with this! This has the trifecta of great formula, great finish, and BONUS no need to set it because it is self-setting. No, really. You are not imagining this, I am really introducing you to the one you have been waiting for.

The img_0044LaFemme loose powder, in pearlized translucent, is my current love of my makeup life. As mentioned I like a little brightening and glow, so this powder comes through to give me a boost. I will go ahead and warn you that this is NOT a powder to wear if you are a flash lover or are using studio lights. That said, this is a great every-day power powder. You might have an immediate knee-jerk dislike because of the perceived glitter dust, but that does not transfer. Once applied, all you get is a beautiful no-glitz glow. Try it!

 If you just read about the last loose powder and immediately said, “heck no,” go with this product instead. This will give you the most skin like appearance with the addition of a touch of color. I really love the finish, and that is precisely what keeps me coming back to the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish. Although this contains quite a bit of talc, it has never caused skin issues, so add this to your basket and let me know how it works out for you!

 Pardon my jenky packaging, but this Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze bronzer is also, so loved, there is no longer a single visible word on the top of the package. There are so many great things about this bronzer that I am trying to find words.  First, the color is perfect for fair to medium ladies like me. This is perfect for daily wear and I often soft contour with this bronzer and then blow it out with a fluffy brush for a more natural look. This is also just as good over the top of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose for a dusting of color. There is a LOT of bronzer in the pan and is a great value, AND a great product.

BLUSH! Such a tiny thing that makes such a huge impact. I find that blush is the touch that makes contouring and bronzer meld, and a face balance out. I like to add blush to the apples of my cheeks and because I am a little older, I add it higher on my cheekbones for the illusion of a lift. This blush is earthy and still adds vitality. It is the NARS blush in, Goulue. Try it; thank me later.

Ok, here are some randoms – a few things that really shocked me with their pragmatic, no nonsense workhorse capacity in my kit. The Sleek Solstice highlighting palette and Sleek Eye Primer have been like no other. The highlighter, around $20 on Amazon (or less on the Sleek website, but you have to wait for shipping from Europe)  easily stacks up to any high-end highlighter in my kit – and I have LOTS. This eye primer was also a shock. I love to apply this just after my facial primer, all around my eye area because it is almost an oil consistency and so thin that it help keep everything in it’s place – even products applied under my eye…all while not creating texture issues. Yes, you read that correctly.

If you follow my Instagram, you already know how I feel about palettes- there is only one on the market I think is a standout. So I will skip all of that. But, this Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Solstice” is something I think is worth honorable mention. Despite mixed reviews by others, this can be used in so many ways to create a beautiful effect. To create an ethereal “wet look,” simply washing the product over your lid with a finger tips is perfect. For a more glittery and pigmented look, use a little mixing medium or glitter glue and you are spot on for a night out!

 This power duo is in my  kit of travel essentials for a reason. These are simply incredible quality pencils that are multi functional. The NYX Wonder Pencil is good for brightening the eye (add this to the waterline), carving out a brow, keeping lipstick from bleeding (pro tip, you are welcome) or covering a pimple. Seriously – all of that. The Colourpop Pencil in “Mr. Bing” is a rich, creamy warm toned brown that sets like a gel so you can line your eyes, or touch up your brows (if you are dark like me). You can also use this as a lip liner for vampy shades (just apply, trace over with a cotton bud to soften, and apply those dark cocoa and raven shades).

If you are still with me, thanks for your patience!! We are nearly done but I have a few last items I know you will love too. Another very frequently asked question is about mascara. Lashes are so in right now and I do not expect that to change. The Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara is the best I have found (yes, including high end products)! The waterproof version has great pigmentation, two ends (one for lower lash, one for upper lash), doesn’t flake, and won’t break your bank. I find the wand deemed the “lower lash” wand is great for my first coat because I can get super close to my lash line without getting mascara everywhere. Then I follow up with the “upper lash” wand to add volume and length.

Lastly, I could write an entire blog post on lipstick. I feel lipstick alone is like giving yourself flowers. One slip of a lipstick you love changes your whole face, adds life, and make people pay closer attention to what you are saying. I am a big believer that if you want something high end, go with lipstick – and I do. In fact, my husband often gifts me lipsticks because he knows how I feel about them! You can count on Chanel. This luxe brand of lipsticks and glosses is a treat and new seasonal launches will be just-in-time gifts you can give yourself!

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Love and lipstick,