Let’s Get Honest…Do You Look Like Your Best Self?

Close your eyes, and envision your best self. Do you look like that in the mirror? Does you social media look like that incredible version of you?

If not, you might need to set some goals this year involving your image and personal branding. 


What is personal branding?

Within the past five years, with the uptick of social media representation and the desire to personally differentiate, we all want to be individuals and be seen as individuals. We want to stand out in the crowd of others swimming in the social media sea, and with that, comes a personal brand. That is exactly what personal branding accomplishes – showing off your very best YOU!

Michael Johnson, Intelligent Office

Personal branding weaves together pieces of who we are, to share our best, most unique selves, with the world. This is especially common with sidehustlers who do not want to be swiped past, large personalities that want their personal brand to shine, or incredible people who are tired of just blending in with the wallpaper. It is born from the desire to be accepted for who we are, and brought to life by folks like me!

Does everyone need personal branding?

No. Not everyone needs personal branding…

Savannah Driver, 2016 Miss Pikeville
Savannah Driver, 2016 Miss Pikeville

But, you might need personal branding if you:

  • Have recently undergone a substantial change and feel you “no longer look like yourself” …and often, “do not feel yourself anymore.”
  • Have taken some time off and want to get back into the work force.
  • Are venturing into a new business, a new life, or are “upsizing your life” (which I tend to see after graduations, internships, divorces, or promotions).
  • Notice others do not respond to you in a way that connects to who you feel you are.
  • Just want a real change; without a diet, a life coach, or a new job.

You might just feel you need to upgrade your entire persona and raise the bar in your life!

Initially I started into the creative world as a makeup artist, and as I became a mother (and a writer), I was asked to submit visual content with my writing, so I became a photographer too. Down that beaten path, I became an assistant to those who wanted to be seen for who they were – from the inside out! I specialize in extending personality into tangible results – the look and “feel” (in person and online). I helped with makeovers, wrote bios and online profiles. I even created images for social content sharing to sew it all up. Developing that kind of content naturally led to the blending of the pieces into specializing in personal branding.

Do you need a personal branding session?

One question: Does your in-person and online image match your spirit?

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Love and luster!