Why I think SnapChat Might Save Humanity

No. That was not a trick title with a hook. I seriously think SnapChat (SC) might save humanity. At the very minimum it will add more humanity to the online world.

At one time, every time I heard one of my children mention SC, I thought it was the gateway to secrecy and hiding and evil wrongdoing – all of that. I am not even exaggerating right now – although I wish I was because it is totally embarrassing. My opinions about SC are a little different now, because, in order to monitor my children, I got a SC too (go – find me now: thatbasicchic). If my kids have a social media platform, I will be lurking over in the social media corner of the room watching them and others interact with them. They both know, I will gladly snatch a telephone and have a shock-and-awe glimpse as long as I pay their phone bills. That said, I was the one who was actually all wrong about SC. The more I know about SnapChat, the more I appreciate the reality, humanity, and transparency that you will not get with any other platform.

Let me back up. Sure, SC can be used the wrong way (as can any other platform). Like anything else, it can be a tool or it can be a weapon. There is a good reason I created an account, to “mom-nitor” the environment in which my kids were hanging out. I wanted to get out there and check the safety temperature, so I could be sure they would not be hurt by the holes in the platform. What I found was much different than what I thought I might. I expected a black hole of flimsy content immediately deleted, what I found were fun Snaps and SnapStories filled with REAL life.

I also thought there was really no tie between SC and my beauty business. I did not think my clients would care less about seeing my snap story or even snap with me. But, I was wrong about that too (notice a trend here?). My clients snap me with new lipsticks, or when they are feeling sassy, or just to tell me they miss me…and I love that!!! Also, I get to communicate with them! I post cosmetic hauls, unboxings, and before-and-after pics…sometimes even a few sequential snaps during the process of a makeup application or camera-ready styling session (with model waiver, of course!).

I snap pics of my family, outings, meals, silly lessons, my head with a SnapChat filter over it, and anything else I really want to share. It is a 360 degree view of my life – unfiltered, in real time. SC is less of a freeze-frame than Instagram, and more of a life-of-me silly, fun, grumpy narrative being held in snaps (for a few seconds) or full-on stories (held for 24 hours).

SnapChat also really adds a layer of reality to everything. If you watch YouTube and follow beauty bloggers, you will totally get this:

  • On Facebook, you see them in an airbrushed photo, with perfect skin and hair, possibly modeling an outfit of the day (OOTD), in the perfect location.
  • On Instagram, you see these gorgeous ladies and their selfies, modeling blown out makeup, and promoting products they used.
  • On Twitter, you see the makeup banter, see the links to their latest videos, and see funny memes made from screenshots. You can see their snipped and perfected videos on YouTube (albeit, they often throw in cute out-take footage).
  • BUT, on SnapChat, you can see them in their silly house slippers, with naked faces, talking about life, showing you heinously broken nails and ugly blemishes. And, their is more, although they could easily only show you what they want you to see, they show more – because the SC platform is about that life – reality!

SC is fun! Seriously, its draw is just that. The platform balances a very short time commitment with posts lasting just seconds, which vary from pictures to videos to posts using silly filters…yet, you get a very special kind of next-level communication. While Facebook allows pictures and videos – just like SnapChat, there are some huge differences that just make it more genuine – which, in turn, is just plain out more fun and beneficial for a more humane look at life!

Find me on SC by name or my SC handle: thatbasicchic

SnapChat IS intimate – but not like you might think…well, mostly. That is because if you have someone you follow on SnapChat, they have given you permission and vice versa. While that is just like most platforms, the difference between Facebook of Instagram and SC is that you get very few suggestions. If you add someone to your personal contacts, you might get a notification of a new SC user – but no suggestions of people you might know – and DEFINITLY no searching others profiles for users to connect with. This creates a very organic online relationship, often called “#SnapChatFam” because it is so tight and personal. Also, because your snap story cannot be retouched and must be in real time, it is about as genuine as you can get; bad lighting, pimples, bad moods, etc.  It is a higher degree of reality. SC is less about marketing about more about just sharing – in ten second (or less) intervals.

While the SC generation is growing into a broader age demographic (no, it is definitely not just for teens), the active users all have one thing in common: they all seek a closer bond with a much more real, raw, unfiltered, HUMAN view of life – with all of the imperfections. Whether you are sharing a SnapStory, SnapRant, a DadSnap, or have a SnapStreak going – or even if you do not know what all that SnapJunk means – SnapChat might be a valuable way to communicate and share your life, mission, or vision.

Still lost about SnapChat? My kids have tutored me well, and I would be glad to help. Feel free to give me a call, drop me an email or connect with me on SnapChat (thatbasicchic)!

With Love and Silly Snaps,
That Basic Chic