Why Social Media Management?

Hey!! So it has been a minute, right? Life is exciting and there has been so much positive change. Along with that has been lots and lots of learning … and leaping.

There has been lots of buzz about social media management in my life and so many questions about this lately, so I thought I would take a stab at it.

I have not always been social. Actually, looking back, a better characterization was socially awkward, nerdy, geeky. I was not popular. I was not homecoming queen. I grew up without a mobile device, I mean…other than a pager (go ahead, you can give me some love for this!). And, I did not start in social media.

Dede Watson (@Dede_watson) “If you love what you do and have a sincere interest in those individuals that you meet along the journey, then not only will you benefit by your own efforts, but those you surround yourself with will be blessed with your knowledge and friendship”

I started as a writer, I have been writing all kinds of things since I was little. I love taking a thought and pulling it out of my mind like a silky silver ribbon, weaving it together it until it is beautiful and enjoyable to someone other than me. It has been a special way to share my heart with people – colorfully.


Color is definitely a theme. Since I could, I have been passionate about makeup and color, and how different using it could make you feel so different and bright and colorful. That certainly launched me into camera-ready styling, with an emphasis in hair and makeup. Before I was ever out of high school, I was helping others with makeup for events and pageants and even hot dates. I love makeup, the idea of change, the concepts of using shading to create a new look.

Between writing (most recently for www.dailymom.com) and camera-ready styling, I was forced to learn how to take a picture. I suppose my time with DailyMom.com really taught me a lot about shooting products, lighting, and some other technical pieces. My time with clients taught me about finding the angle, capturing moments, and being aware enough to stop – and be still – and get the shot.

Stay with me. I am getting to the social media part.

IMG_2361So why social media management? How does it fit in with the rest? Simply, social media management is the “cake” comprised of these “ingredients.” Social media requires good writing – at the bare minimum it requires the ability to use words to evoke emotion. Sometimes evoking emotion with very few characters is key too! It also take a rhythm and knowledge of aesthetics to be able to capture attention. Likewise, imagery is key, especially since that image can give you back any of the characters you lose with social media platform limitations. Content is king! And, being able to develop and curate content is queen. Creating a beautiful image that captures attention and interest long enough to stop while scrolling is why I have work as a social media manager. It is also the reason I work with other social media managers to develop content for their clients.

But, it is not just words plus color plus an image. That is not the magic. That is not what being social is about. I didn’t need to know about sales – I am a terrible salesperson. I did not need to know tons about technology – most of what I know, I learned to keep up with my teens. I already had what it took, as is the case when doors of opportunity open.


Social media management is about taking the heart and soul of a company or organization and sharing that through teaching, sharing, and celebrating. It is about hugging clients, friends, and potentials over technological platforms, and reminding them that you are there to provide whatever service or product that you were called to give back to the world. It is the reinvention of being there – only via mobile devices and WIFI, 24 hours a day! It is about sharing the life of your friends, connections, and followers too – a two-way street! So, all of that nerdiness actually helped me. All of a sudden I had all these cool people, doing cool things, with cool thoughts, and really awesome pictures to share with. That was it – that is how it all happened.

Have social media questions? Ask.

Need a little social media training? Call me.

Need some training to keep up with the kids, or make your business account grow, or just take better photos? Here I am.

Looking forward to more,
That Basic Chic