Simplifying Beauty, Photography, and Business.

Hair and Makeup. That is how it started. And, I am proud of that.

Photo By Aimee Sue Photography

Beginning in the beauty business really taught me a lot about what a client really wants – how the client wants to feel. I learned that any client is really someone you are in a relationship with; you are sharing life with them, if nothing but sharing dreams, or a coffee, giving lipstick tips, or a story about a boy. And, some of you might even remember how I started out in the beauty biz (if you don’t or if you are new, feel free to check out my story – it is a humble beginning, but it is mine).

But, then came photography. Some of you might not be aware that I was essentially forced to learn to take a photo so I could have the honor of writing for; an experience for which I am incredibly grateful. Here are a few articles I wrote, so you can see the various topics that I have been honored to write about (yes, there is more than makeup there!). To write those articles, I really needed to turn in some photographs so my photos were not just a sea of words. I shot a LOT of product for these articles, so it was not just a barrage of models. This took lots of coaching by a sweet friend who refused to let me walk away because I did not have, or even know how to use a DSLR camera.

W Chick Peas DM

When I started, it was like learning a new language. I could not force the moment, or make the photo happen. I just had to be there, connect with my client, and share the very best of them with the world through my camera lens. And, that is it. That is all I do. I am a conduit of my client.

As time has gone by, I have begun doing that in a number of new and exciting ways.Taking a good, crisp, emotional, creative photo is an art I will likely work at forever. I practice with my clients (who share my feelings about selfies and shun professionals using selfies as profile pictures) and continue to expand the areas in which I share the very best of my clients. I share their products. I unveil their hearts. I steal their silliness. I build their business. All of it. Can you believe I get to do this?

My Photograph of Michael Johnson, Owner of Intelligent Office in Raleigh, North Carolina. Recently Posted by the Triangle Business Journal

Here are a few images that I recently put together for a real estate agent in my area selling a home who wanted a story to go with her listing. I was so glad to be a part of the story too!

I also work with young women, who want senior portraits, social media updates, and just want a moment captured. I love being a part of their lives. I am so grateful to be invited in.

I have also had the privilege of working with other photographers, taking care of just the camera-ready aesthetics. I love that too. Just beating a face (beauty business talk for applying makeup), and flipping a wig (drag speak for hair styling). I think it is a blessing to bring out the best in anything; to coax out beauty hidden in anything – but especially in people who might not feel so beautiful, or maybe forgot just how lovely they were created.

One of my beautiful brides, Ashlee Canady. Photograph by Aimee Sue Photography.

And, (yes, there is MORE) I also do headshots and commercial work for clients who want different kinds of photos or just  need a professional update for their own personal brand. These are a few images I created for other professionals who wanted to update the face with their brand:

Ryan Given, the technical genius at Studio RTP.
Ryan Given, the technical genius at Studio RTP.
Melissa St. John is a social media expert, “connector,” amazing human, and the owner of Social Solved.
The incredible support team at Aware Senior Care.
The incredible support team at Aware Senior Care.

Are you a beauty professional too? Photographer? In need of a little personal attention or want to up the ante on your image? Contact me on social media. I cannot wait to meet you!!

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