Client Composite

These are some of my clients.

Before I ooze my blessing on you, and shine all of my buttons before you, let me brag on some of the most precious gifts I have been given (outside of my salvation and my family). Most of you know that for a long while I have been a camera-ready stylist. Others of you know that I opened my own company and added photography to the mix too. Since then, I have lived in an insulated bubble of gratitude, surrounded by some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

They all have stories. They share their lives and in doing so, have changed mine. When our roads intersect, I always come away whispering “thank you, God.” I needed that. So here goes:

“Bee” Hippie Chick

This girl is my beautiful little Hippie Chick. I wear a badge of honor because I got to watch her grow up under the loving pinions of her mom – a lady I greatly admire. Her mom is my age, but chose a life of dignity and strength that I have often coveted. Elizabeth is a testament to that life, and has likewise learned grace and love from her momma. She is a university student who has chosen to attain a special kind of degree so she can help special needs children…in our country and others. I think she is amazing and incredibly beautiful.

MC Classic 

Photo Credit: ASR Photography

While her pecan-colored skin and silky ocean blue eyes would easily be enough to call her beautiful, there is so much more there. During the short time I spent time on her hair and makeup for senior portraits, I learned about her love for family and animals. I also got to spend time with her mom; a brilliant world-traveler who still brightens up when she says her husband’s name. This whole family is so kind, giving, and welcomed me in.

Low-Drama, Drama Queen

This stunner was a chance meeting when I was asked to take care of a group for prom. She came at me like a blast of confetti; she is sparkly and smiley and bright. I love that she knows what she wants, the kind of music she wants to hear, and that she does not mind going full-throttle with the lash drama – regardless of what anyone else does. She regally wears blue, and walks with her shoulders proudly back. She inspires me to smile more and will do the same for you – stranger or not.

Simple Elegance, not Simpleton

Do not let this blonde, blue-eyed baby fool you. She has that classic California beauty – and brains. She could easily conversate like an adult and would gladly do so. She orchestrated my services like a wedding planner and stunned me with her kindness and hospitality. She is likely the girl I would have never met as a kid; her circles are different than mine; with her sweet boyfriend and her love for theater. She is a friend of another client and I am so grateful for that…and for our chance meeting over makeup.

Fit, Heart and Soul

Photo Credit: ASR Photography

When this beautiful woman came to visit me for a wedding trial, I was hesitant to put a single bit of makeup on her. Fit, inside and out, her skin is perfection. Her glimmering ice-blue eyes, were just the tip of the iceberg with this girl. She laughed so intoxicatingly and smiled so warmly, I could absolutely see how her (very handsome) now-husband would absolutely adore her. I adore her too! Even more than the smiles and laughs, was this one story that will stick with me forever about her bravery; how she was in a long-term relationship that she got out of because it was not healthy because things got all out of order, and how painful that was because of the kind of loving person she is. How she took the hard right and broke an engagement – against what others might have wanted. And, about how God gave her everything back, only healthy – and better, because she chose to do it the healthy way. It will stick with me for life, because, quite honestly, my life was very much the opposite until I got it right (finally, thank you Jesus) with The Huzz.

Athletic Aesthetic

There are so many things I could say about this darling. She is beautiful – the kind on magazine covers. She is also incredibly smart, and sharp, and no-nonsense. She wanted something different, which was striking for her age; because she lives in a generation of more-of-the-same. She was there  primping with her friends, instead of primping with others who were attending the prom that she would be attending (with her boyfriend, from another school)…because her friends meant more. That simple act told me more about her heart than anything else she could have said for hours. Life-altering.

My Little Gigis

These beautiful girls are anything but white-bread. Blonde and blue eyes is a sliver-thin piece of who they are. At face value, they are “It- Girls.” Well, they are. Their personalities are larger than life. They travel, founded a jewelry company, raise money for charity, dress like rock stars. So it would be really easy to stop there (and get distracted by their daily glam). Seriously. But, there is more; They are deeper than that. What is often missed is that these girls lost their dad recently – quickly, blindingly, stingingly. It was fast, and he was gone. These two beauties and their beautiful mother are still grieving, and living, and not laying down to die too. That is so much more! They drove the lesson home that there is so much more going on than you could ever imagine in another’s life. Be very careful before wishing yourself into anyone else’s designer shoes.

Sharon Stone Doppelganger

This girl…where do I even start? Well, for beginners, feel free to go to her full, three-look spread here. This Mom and Media Mastermind is a don’t-rest-on-your-laurels kind of chick. She lovingly pushed me outside of my comfort zone when she grew my business and introduced me to some life and career changing folks. But, this beauty did not stop there. She also inspired me by starting her own social media business where she does what she is brilliantly gifted at – loving others, promoting others, and inspiring pothers to do what they are really, really, really good at. Visit her at Socially Solved (and get your biz correct, if needed).

Southern Sunshine

I can never remember how many degrees of separation there are (so if you remember, leave a note below), but this Blake Lively-esque beauty retained my services early for her prom prepping and I am so grateful she did. As it turns out, her brother and my oldest son have been friends for some time, but had not seen each other in a year or so since they split high school districts (yes, I have a high-school-aged kid). It was a delight catching up with this young lady and learning about her life, while I got to glam her up for her special night. She is a ray of sunshine and she taught me about the simplicity and beauty of a bright white smile (bleached by strawberries). As white as her teeth are, she is even more brilliant!

Warm and Sincere Sweetheart

Easy breezy. That is what I would say about this bronzed beauty. When I got to her home, her grandmother was there with her. Although I was there to spend time with my client, I could not help but feel like God brought me there to remind me about my time on earth with my own grandmother. I could hardly stand it – I kept feeling like I would burst with happiness when her grandmother swooned over her and looked at her proudly and lovingly. I loved their silly stories about trips taken together, and listening to the language they developed, that clearly was only theirs. This young lady is probably one of the warmest people I have ever met. She is open hearted and caring (as evidenced by her time spent this summer as a camp counselor). In the little time I was there, I was reminded to open my heart up again, not fearing what anyone else would say.

I have other clients too – some not included here, some with stories still to be shared later. Also, there are many more of you to come, to visit with me, to teach me your lessons unknowingly. I am so grateful for that too! Who knew my humble beginnings would turn into this?