Top 5 Post-Prom Lessons

If you have wondered where I have been…well, it has been prom season, or shall I say “Prahm Season.” Although I have done many prom seasons, this one was remarkable and I learned lots. Here a few of the things I absolutely loved learning from Prom 2015:

TBC Prom Trio

  1. 4 or less. Period.

A few times this season, I was asked to do group bookings for more than 4 ladies. Impossible. 4 is pushing it – with an assistant. Yes, I have an assistant. I actually have a few that come to work with me depending on the occasion or need. Because I am a camera-ready stylist, I take care of hair and makeup. That gets pretty interesting alone with more than one client. As much as I love being invited to share the special day with young women, I do not feel I can do a good job with groups this large.

TBC-Hair Waterfall

  1. Waterfall braids. Please, no (I beg you).

I work for great clients. Beautiful young women; smart, sassy, fun, all of that. Of all of the women I worked with this season, there was an overwhelming request for one thing: the waterfall braid. Of course I did what my clients wanted (if I could not convince them otherwise). But, why do I shy away from waterfall braids? Because they are invariably flimsy and do not stand up well in wet weather, heat, or any other condition that might involve jostle (think dancing, or even walking in heels the entire night). Even in circumstances where I did the braid, there was a LOT of structural pinning. Lots.


  1. Ode to Lashes

I won’t break out in prose here. I will just say this: Never (ever, ever, ever) have I ever had so many requests for lashes. Seriously. I have seen nothing like it. I stock lashes in my kit, regardless. I just never know when I will run into a client who will want or need them to open their eye for the camera. But, this year, over half of my clients requested them. They were really fun and I was grateful to have a wide variety because each girl seemed to like a different lash.


  1. What about lipstick?

My biggest struggle of the season was lipstick. Although I have plenty, it seemed I struggled because the mother in me wanted to be sure that each young lady kept their pretty pout – even after their dinner reservation. While I did not supply each young lady with own tube of lipstick, I did offer some who wore unique colors small samples tucked into pillcases – yup. That was my solution. Especially in instances where I had multiple girls in a group, I supplied a pillcase with slivers of lipsticks cut for each one. As sad as that is for some of the lipsticks I am in love with, I felt better because my clients (who I love even more) were happy and felt beautiful.


  1. Finally…

Finally, my last, but biggest lesson was the realization, that because when I am spending time with each of you, I love what I am doing, even my busiest days are pure joy. Seriously. Because…

  • Making you feel beautiful allows me to minister to your hearts.
  • Being able to remind you that you are beautiful – ALL THE TIME – remind me that I am too.
  • Capturing your special days on film gives me a solid reminder of that moment in time, when nothing else really mattered – just fun, laughs, lipstick, perfect hair…sounds shallow but aesthetics are an escape. They are meant to be.
  • I love pampering you with princess treatment!

So, what is next? Who knows! I am still taking hair, makeup, and photography clients. I am still working hand-in-hand with the most precious women on the planet, and I am still partnering with some of the most brilliant local photographers there are. I cannot wait to keep sharing this journey with you.

Love and Lipstick,
That Basic Chic