Pre-Prom Musts

With prom season upon us, pre-prom musts are key to achieving success on your very special prom day. Review the following items. Here is a quick and easy list to be sure your day is smooth sailing:

The Week Before

Make sure you understand your client’s needs and desired outcomes by setting a baseline:

  1. By asking for a picture in their every-day hair and makeup. This gives me a good idea of how much makeup the client wears, the clients hair and eye color, the texture of the client’s hair, and it also generally provides an inspiration point.
  2. By asking for a photo of their dress. This provides vital information to work around:
    1. If the dress is a bright color, it will be key to tone makeup down and keep it simple so there is not “too much going on.”
    2. If the dress has a lot of beadwork, this will provide a basis for a conversation about whether or not a client might be better off with an up-do.
    3. If the dress has special features, it gives fodder for inspiration (which side hair should be parted or work on, the simplicity of hair so it will not contend with beadwork and features, etc.).
  3. By asking for a photo of hairstyles the client loves
    1. When paired with a photo of every-day hair, this will give me a “reality check”
      1. Does natural hair match with desired effect (ex, is hair too thin or short for the look?)
    2. Because typically there are multiple girls in a prom session, this makes sure there is no duplicity.
    3. I will know what types of products and tools to pack in my kit for the big day!
  4. By asking for a photo of the desired makeup look
    1. When paired with a client’s personal photo, feasibility can be determined. It is natural to want a look that is very different from your natural look, so if the look needs to be modified for a client’s face shape and bone structure, that can be a conversation had prior to the day of prom.
    2. It also helps have a conversation about makeup color and a client’s natural coloring.
    3. There is an opportunity to get inspired about beautiful options to pitch a client if they are not sure.

The Day Before

Clients should:

  1. Wash their hair twice:
    1. Once all over, like always.
    2. Second wash, just to focus on roots. Clients SHOULD NOT wash hair the day of the prom. Second-day-hair always makes for better and longer-lasting styles.
  2. Drink a lot of water. Prom day is taxing and can be stressful, being fully hydrated gives you much better odds of feeling and looking better.
  3. Stay away from grease, and too much caffeine. Nobody likes last minute breakouts.
  4. Alert your makeup artist, hair styles, or photographer of any last-minute changes. PLEASE! Changing your mind is natural, but be sure you have made your support system aware!
  5. Get your “Prom-Prepping” outfit ready.
    1. Have a shirt ready that buttons up or zips, for easy removal (without messing up your hair and makeup).
    2. Be sure not to wear anything that is too tight or elasticized. It will leave a line of demarcation or “ring” where it applied pressure to your skin. These cannot be removed without photo editing…and certainly look weird once you slip on your gown.
  6. Prep up all of your items for prom so there is no last-minute scurrying.
    1. Mascara – having your own WATERPROOF mascara helps. Often clients have a mascara they are in love with.
    2. Pantyhose / Spanx / Special underclothes/bras – having these items ready really help a client feel comfortable and relaxed the day of prom.
    3. Hair pins or accessories.
    4. Long-lasting, clear, invisible deodorant – do not skip this one.
  7. Get a full night’s sleep. No need to explain this one!

The Day Of Prom

I am excited just writing this! If you are looking forward to prom, I bet you are getting jittery reading also!! The big day is coming and it should be a day of pampering, being with friends, excitement, and relaxation. Keep it that way. Make sure you have everything ready, and feel prepared. That preparation will launch the day in a positive way.

To help keep the day positive:

  1. Keep the phone charged! No, seriously. You will want to Instagram, tweet, take lots of fun pictures. Go ahead, charge your phone and throw the charge in your purse.
  2. Eat a great breakfast, laden with carbs and protein. Today is a big day, and odds are you will be so excited and busy that you will not eat very much through the middle of the day. Do not rely on your typical Starbucks breakfast. Eat and egg and a bowl of steel-cut oats. Thank me later!
  3. Take your daily vitamin. This is no time for low iron!
  4. Cut up fruit and veggies to snack on. Trail mix works too. This might not be a huge issues. Perhaps your will be preparing for Prom in a group setting and the house-mom will have you spoiled with fruit, cheese and crackers, and veggies (BONUS!). If not, spoil yourself or ask mom to help. Eating throughout the day will ensure you do not crash during photos!
  5. DO NOT WASH THAT HAIR. DON’T! It does not matter if it is oily. It does not matter if it feels yucky. Don’t wash. Dry shampoo can be used if needed. Clean hair usually only means:
    1. Your stylist will battle hair that is not 100% dry
    2. Your hair will have more “slip” to it, and be harder to style.
    3. Curls will not still and neither will regular hairpins.
    4. Your style will be more likely to “wilt.”
  6. Do be on time for hair, makeup, and photographs. Not only will being late add stress, there is a good chance your makeup artist, hair stylist, or photographer is booked up today and this will only wreak havoc. If you are my client, I REALLY mean this. LOL! (well, kinda).
  7. Have fun! In recent times,proms have become a lot like mini-weddings, heavily laden with intricate “prom-posals,” requiring a lot of money, and attention. All of those point to STRESS! De-stress the situation by injecting fun:
    1. Play music, dance around
    2. Eat healthy, delicious stuff!
    3. Be safe. I will not lecture. You get it.
    4. ENJOY!

For any questions about prom, prom season, hair or makeup ideas, contact me! Looking forward to sharing (in-person or virtually) prom with you!

Love and Lipstick,

That Basic Chic