What the “Huzz” Is All About!

So many of you have asked via social media about some congratulatory comments made on my timeline, and then a few made by me (calling Stephen “The Huzz”). Well, you guessed it! I did it; I got married…again. It seems to be a joke in my circle of friends that I have made such poor choices with mates, but not a single one of my friends or family has objected to Stephen. Not. One. In fact, several urged me to get married earlier, but I wanted to wait until just the right time. And, I did!

For those of you who do not know him – or us as a couple, our love story is kinda funny. It goes something like this: Hockey Mom meets Hockey Dad, they know each other for a long time, both get divorces, FAST FORWARD TEN YEARS, they meet up again and fall in love. Nearly two years later, they decided to go formal and get married. It has been fun, and it is just beginning (even though it has now been the better part of 12 years).

Oh, you want to know about him? Well…

  • He is not my type at all. Seriously, he is too nice, too kind, too warm, too responsible, too loving…nothing like the guys I chose in the past.
  • He is a dad. A GREAT one. He has two sons and I love them lots, but then again I have had the pleasure of knowing them the better part of their lives. So that has been so awesome too.
  • He is just plain great and loves me more than I have ever been loved before. So much that I have never been insecure about his love. I am have never worried if he would be there for me and the kids.
  • I have never known a man or a love like this. When we started officially dating I was at the lowest time in my life and I had nothing to offer. I was sad, and scared, and hurt…but he loved me anyway. Always has.

 Here are some fun things about us:

  • We both love bluegrass, travelling, and learning new things…but, what we really have in common is a love for God, our family, and life. In that order. It keeps us balanced.
  • He loves racecars. I love makeup and hair. But, we love to be with each other and support each other’s happiness. So, he now knows more about makeup than any other straight man on the planet and I go racing. It’s what makes us happy – both of us.
  • We now have FIVE children…and we love it! Here’s how our kids stack up: SS15, TS14 (one month behind the oldest, so he will be 15 in 3 weeks), TD12 (our only girl), SS10, and TS2.5 (he will be 3 soon). Pics below of his well mannered kids and my silly crowd.
  • So we are a family of 7. All 5 (even the baby) children play sports in different leagues, so life is never dull.

So, after a bit of a wait and plenty of prayer, we did it. It was all low key. Stephen and I each brought someone special to stand in with us as witnesses and validator. Best of all we wore jeans, and we just got to be ourselves; no jumping through hoops, no stress. Heck, some of the kids even came. We even ran into one of our favorite hockey moms when we were leaving. Our day could only have been more perfect if we were able to be on a beach in the sun somewhere (there was a guy behind us at the courthouse waiting to pay a fine. It was funny but not the least bit romantic). So, thanks for sharing our love and supporting us. I look forward to many more (ok, not really many, I will try to stick with beauty and photography content) posts with updates on more miracles and amazing things to come!

Love and lipstick,
That Basic Chic

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