One Shoot, Three Looks

Hey Y’all!

I am not much for bragging, but it is truly hard not to when you have friends and beautiful as this girl! This is my precious friend, Melissa. I have known her for several years, and met her during a hockey season our sons shared on a common team.

After much chatter, I finally got the opportunity to spend some time quality girl time with her and convinced her into three different different waves of looks.

You would just have to know that this beautiful lady wears very little makeup. She is naturally gorgeous from the inside out and it only takes hearing her laugh just once or seeing a glimmer of her flashing smile to be completely in love with her.

So without further adieu, here she is *drum roll please*:

A few weeks ago I posted about achieving different moods using certain makeup colors and themes. This was certainly the case for this shoot. Frankly, I eased this natural beauty into the latter two makeup looks by building upon these simple basics:

  • Beautiful luminous skin – This is very simply achieved with a great moisturizer (wait a few minutes so it has time to be absorbed). Primer (for anyone), primer (for someone interested in the benefits of smoothing and pore filling), primer (great budget option). Lastly, use a dewy foundation (be careful with this one if you are NOT using natural light – studio lights can turn dewy into a flash point).
  • A peachy glow – For Melissa, there was very little contouring; she has wonderful bone structure and already had a very sculpted face. I really bronzed her up a little across the top of her nose for a faux glow and gave her a bit of glisten with highlighter.
  • Nude lip – A peachy nude lip was a no-brainer for Melissa. Her eyes are so blue and her tawny skin was a perfect canvas. I really did not want to steal the show her eyes gave for this look.

STAGE ONE was very simple, yet youthful and soft.


For the second look, I intensified the eyes with bronzey shades to really showcase the blue. Blue eyes really shout out, “look at me” when surrounded with complementary toasty warm shades. I added a few things to really build on the last look:

  • Chocolate brown eyeliner, just around the outside corners. Not getting crazy of trying to distract the eye – just enough to draw the eye in.
  • A touch of a darker liner for the lips. Just to build the pout. Again, I did not want to overpower her natural beauty with product, but build the look with more definition, whereas stage one was a softer more diffused look.
  • Blush! As noted above, the only face color enhancement from the first look was bronzer. I added color with blush to create more of an external flush to Melissa’s face. The addition remained in the golden family because depth was more key than color.

STAGE TWO was all about structure and definition.

The third look seems so different, but the stronger glam look comes from the addition of three elements:

  • A touch more blush…I mean, a dusting
  • More eyeliner, specifically lining the entire top lash line. I still used chocolate brown but really built it up to balance the darker lip.
  • And, the co-star (along with Melissa’s baby blues) of this look was that bitten berry lip. It is a game changer!

Tip: For stronger doses of glam, create a sleeker, more sophisticated look by streamlining the hair with a simple straight and sleek look like this one or with a middle part, low ponytail / bun. This will always draw the eye to the emphasis of the look – the face.

STAGE THREE was sophisticated glam – but not overpowering.


More than any of these beautiful makeup looks, was my beautiful (from her toes to her nose, her brain is more sexy than just plain beautiful) model who was game for all three looks. She rocked all of them!

Love, light, and lipstick,
That Basic Chic