A Few New (Makeup) Friends

Hi Friends!

It’s been a while so I just wanted to introduce you to a meet a few new little friends to my pro kit. These are staples to any kit. We all have different brands we love, these are a few of mine.

By now, you are well aware of my thoughts on perfecting your foundation before even thinking about heading into the jazzy world of color. I had added a few new canvas perfecters to my pro kit. I have always been a fan of a good highlight or contour, but had never found a love connection with a color corrector. In the past I had always found them to be strangely pigmented, but I have finally found true love with the Graftobian Color Corrector Wheel. There is a special way to apply these correctors – and it is NOT like you might assume with the application of a concealer.

RCMA and Graftobian

  1. Do not skip on skin preparation. The moisture level of your skin will be key to using highly pigmented products and their blendability. If you want pro results, try this pro cult favorite!
  2. Have a moisture mist handy for blending.
  3. For a more skin-like texture, use foundation blending brushes, if you prefer a more air-brushed appearance, use a Beauty Blender.
  4. Apply color corrector to appropriate areas. For more about where to use which color corrector, review this great article.
  5. After you have color corrected (and contoured/highlighted, if you prefer cream products), then apply the foundation of your choice.

During the Valentine’s sweetheart season, I got regular questions about amping up the femme. My number one means to going full-on girly? LASHES. There are lots you can try from the drug store, but I carry Angel Lash in my kit and have never had a single complaint. Certainly, the density and silhouette of a lash can change the appearance of the eye, so find what works for you.

Do not forget: Be sure to trim your lashes to your eye size. With lashes, one size does not fit all.

If you are not a fake lash lover, try getting extra flutter with the simple addition of curling your lashes and applying a waterproof , volumizing mascara. Why waterproof? It holds lash curl. True story.


Past big fluttery lashes, moist, richly pigmented lips will really draw the eye in to your pucker. You know I am a fan of keeping lips moist, so do not miss this step during your makeup routine! When you are prepping your skin, do not forget your smacker. By the time you apply your lipstick, your lips will be in great shape!

For some time, I have been meaning to try Gerard Cosmetics, and the time was finally right. I added a few items to my kit. Their glosses are great and their lipsticks have a unique pigmentation. Although I am not a fan of the packaging (the gloss doe-foot applicator is not lush and it requires several dips into the product to get enough to apply to my palette, for my client. Likewise, the lipstick cases are cheap feeling. Good thing the product is good (although I would still prefer MAC lip products, if forced to choose).

Last, and least luxurious, I bought some much-needed tools for organization to help keep my set bag in order. This perfect set of bags really keep me in line when my clients are on a tight timeline. Never underestimate the power of being organized when tight on time! Bonus, these are supremely sweet in the cute category and I scored 6 of them for under $15 at TjMaxx!

Let me know about your latest loves!!
That Basic Chic