Makeup Moods – Instantly Adding That Certain Something

We all use photos of ourselves to convey snapshots of moments in our lives, feelings, even sentiment. If you photos are falling flat, the culprit is likely lighting or makeup. I will not address the lighting just yet, but there are some simple makeup fixes that will immediately help.

Add some Drama – Vampy, dark lips add instant drama. If you would like to convey an edgier feel, focus on the lip, paired with a stronger brow. All other eye makeup should be minimal. The opposite also applies, if you smoke out an eye and nude out the lip, this creates a very strong message as well. An intense focus on just one area really hones in effect. All of the attention will instantly be drawn to the most emphasized feature.

Convey Softness or Romance – Minimal makeup, lengthened lashes, with a rosy or peachy flush cheek really convey sweetness and health. Blushing sends a signal of tenderness, shy intent, and calls for more eye contact in a photo to really appeal to warmth. To play to a more innocent look, try a rosier palette versus a nude color scheme.

Show some Health and Wellness – Sunny skin and bronzing really plays to the health and wellness of whomever is being photographed. Want to convey a healthy lifestyle? Warm your skin up like you have been out in the sun tanning. Use golden tones and glowing highlighters (on cheek bones, bridge of nose and over eyebrows). Get bronzed across your nose and  forehead, but stick with your color match for foundation. There is nothing healthy about spotty, or mismatched skin.

Be Vibrant and Energetic – Inject pops of color for more life and energy. Vivid colors (think bright blues, purples, or greens) paired with soft lips, really tell a story of youth and energy. On that same token, I would advise using a lighter hand with bright colors, if you are over 40. Consider a bright liner or brighter gloss versus highly pigmented color blocks.

Pardon the poor photo quality

So Classy and Classic – A vivid lip paired with well-groomed brow and winged liner always scream classic beauty. It is a really simple recipe to produce to a sophisticated, finished look. Want a more retro look? Use a more matte finished foundation and a lighter powder. Want a more modern twist? Try a vivid pink or purple (in the same midi tone as the hue of red you would use for your skin tone) lipstick and use a bronzer instead of a mattifying powder.

As always, makeup is personal – it is just a tool used for something external to reflect an internal state. Be artistic and have fun!

Love, Lipstick, and Light,
That Basic Chic