Words of Wisdom to My Younger Self

As I spent time with some sweet mothers and daughters last weekend, I thought a lot about my own daughter. I thought about things that I wanted her to know – things I wish I had known.

So here are a few little things from my heart to my younger me. Maybe they are for you too.

Musgrave - Mallory 1

You are worth it…
The compliments – accept them. You are wonderful and worth it.
The gifts – take them without feeling indebted. You are a gift yourself … and worth it.
The business you always wanted – you can have it. You are talentedand worth it.
The guy who loved you but was “too nice” – You should have kept him. You are lovely and lovableand worth it.

Horton Family 4

You cannot be too…
You cannot be in too deep to get out.
Say “I’m sorry.”
Turn around and go back.
Try again.

You cannot be too old for anything.
Sing loudly.
Dance as much as you want, wherever you want.
Race the grocery carts.

You cannot be too much or too little for anyone.
Be your very best self, always, to the maximum.
You are where you are for good reason; acne, stretch marks, wrinkles; any of it, all of it.
Anyone on earth who cannot see it, is not a fit for the season you are in.
Still be you.
All of these will guide you.

Tzippy Christmas 2014

See, it is basic.
You were born to do one job: Be your best you.

That’s it,
That Basic Chic