Beautiful Hair Basics

When taking photographs, it is striking how much hair adds warmth and interest to the photo.


I believe that hair makes or breaks the quality of photos. That caveat to that is, hair must be no-fuss and not take over the shot, unless it is the focus (or editorial – purposefully dramatic). Especially when using natural light, hair can take on a life of its own – good or bad.

Here are five simple ways to get great photo-ready hair:

  1. Dry hair or wet(-looking) hair, but not in between.
    Dry hair has a stiffer texture, and wet hair has a sleek texture, but in between all you get is strange, patchy texture. Keep things uniform by being sure hair falls into one category or the other; “wet or dry” is a great litmus test for photo-ready hair.
  2. Tame the fly-aways.
    When a glowing haze rests on you and casts a sexy light on your picture, it also rests squarely around your face…and your hair. Be sure that you do not get an abundance of fly-aways. When well-lit, hair can take on a softness or pronounce a mess.
  3. Frame the face, but don’t cover it.
    One bonus to very carefully shaped and styled hair is that is stands to compliment face shape and really pronounce beautiful features. One common mistake with hair is covering the face to the extent, you steal symmetry from the natural balance of a face. Likewise, this easily translates into nasty (and often harsh) shadows on the face.
  4. Texture, texture, texture.
    There is no one tried and true texture to magically make a picture. Elements of great hair are: light reflective, multi-dimensional, and movement. If one of these is lacking, likewise, your photo will be lacking.
  5. Watch the silhouette.
    No matter the style, you will want to be sure that there is a certain amount of balance to the silhouette of the hairstyle. This basic external shape will be tell-tale against the backdrop of your photo and can throw off the balance of your shot.

Kam 4

Like anything else regarding beauty, be you, make it personal…and enjoy.

With love, hairspray, and hot rollers,
That Basic Chic