On Being Basic

 “She is so basic.”

Why has being “Basic” become an insult?

Lately, I have heard it hurled around like a member of the profanity family. While, the media over-complicates beauty to muddle up classic aesthetics.

Let me tell you…Being beautiful is simple, basic


Basic Skin Care

Squeaky clean skin that glows from the inside will always stun a crowd, but will be even more impressive to the person who wants to hug you without coming away with foundation scuffs.

Basic Makeup

When I take photographs, minimal makeup,  that allows the subject to shine through wins every time. I am no makeup hater (which you can likely tell), but unless cosmetics accentuate your beauty, they distract from it. Truth (from a professing makeup junkie) and girl behind a camera!

Basic Style

Knowing your body and appreciating your shape is the first step in wrapping it beautifully.  Secondly, you must know and love YOU. Style is personal and should be a reflection of your values and passions. Simplicity trumps busy fads every time!

Also, do not ignore the true source of beauty, noted in each area above – YOU.

Smile from within. Be you. Love you. Not hard!

So, go ahead: BE BASIC!

Basically Yours,
That Basic Chic